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Write a review and get a DISCOUNT COUPON

It is our pleasure to offer you a $5 discount coupon for each published review*. The discount coupon is avilable with any future purchase.
The maximum value of a coupon is $15 (the equivalent of 3 reviews). If you want to make more reviews, we will offer more coupons that can be used with different orders.
For example:
1 review = 1 coupon of $5
2 reviews = 1 coupon of $10
3 reviews = 1 coupon of $15
4 reviews = 1 discount coupon of $15 and one discount coupon of $5
5 reviews = 1 discount coupon of $15 and one discount coupon of $10
9 reviews = 3 discount coupons of $15

It's easy ! Please follow these simple steps:
1. If you are not yet logged in with your markastore account, you will be promted to make a "quick login", before being able to write you review.
2. Go to you favourite product page (the product you would like to review).
3. Click on the "write a review" link (you can find it on the left column) OR go directly on the bottom of the page.
4. Write your review and rate the product with 1 - 5 stars (5 being the best rating). If you want, you can use your native language here. Writing the review in english is not mandatory; please use your native language if you feel more comfortable.
*We won’t publish offending reviews, comments containing vulgar words.
*Offer may not be used in combination with any other discount coupon. 
*Offer is subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply. 
 1. Make sure you login
 2. Shop at markastore.com and add your products to your shopping cart.
 3. In the Show cart page, scroll to the bottom left, add your discount coupon and click Submit
 4. After submitting your coupon number go to Checkout and finish your order.